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    If you're a homeowner, first time home buyer, military member or veteran, or real estate investor looking for a real estate agent in St Petersburg, Florida who specializes in your specific needs, look no further!

    My name is Jeff Copeland. I hold a master's degree in public administration as well as a bachelor's in management and international business, and I'm a retired military veteran with over 21 years of service.

    As an investor-friendly real estate agent serving St Petersburg and Tampa, I specialize in working with sellers, first time home buyers, military members and veterans, and real estate investors. I offer a full spectrum of real estate services, including property management, in St Petersburg and throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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    As first time homebuyers, we didn't know what to expect or where to begin. Jeff helped us every step of the way, through seeing 25 plus houses and making multiple offers. He encouraged us when we didn't think we were going to find a house that met all our... (more)


    I bought my first home with Mr. Copeland and also use him as my go to realtor for my investment business. He is professional, responsive and very knowledgable. I trust him fully and look forward to working with him in the future. I highly recommend his... (more)


    Jeff was very knowledgeable about the St Pete market, and the overall process of buying a home. I am a first time home buyer, so I asked a lot of questions and he always had an answer! He also referred me to a great lender.

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